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November 11, 2013

We were so excited to photograph MIKE + KATIE again and the BEAUTIFUL daughter.  Seriously how would their daughter being anything else with these two for her parents. It is always so fun to reunite with a bride and groom and photograph their family!!  What an honor!

ILEY, you are so PRETTY!

MIKE + KATIE I think you might be the BEST matched couple ever!  Seriously.. you two are GORGEOUS!

October 10, 2013

Adam and I had a GREAT time photographing these two!  They also wanted to have MIKE’s son in some. Two words for this little one, CUTIE PIE!  Enjoy a few of our favorites from our evening!!

Remember what I told you…. CUTIE!!!

November 30, 2010

The Harris family.   Brad, Karen, Anora, and Kyle (and the dog Husker).  We were very excited to connect with them.  They live in Columbia, home of the Mizzou Tigers, and have a place in the country.  That is where we would meet up with them.  Well, it was kinda cold.  Kinda rainy.  But…the show must go on as this was the only weekend they would be there.  I’m sure glad we did.  The Harris family is amazing!  See for yourself…….

So what do you do if it starts to rain…how ’bout checking out the big giant garage.  🙂