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February 27, 2011

OK, OK, if you don’t know BEN + MINDY PETERSON, well, you are just letting the best in life pass you by.  They are the extreme of coolness and photo brilliance.  So, Wendy and I were so blessed to spend some time with them in their home and studio last summer.  I had even mentioned, “if they ever do any training I will be the first one in line”.

Well, when one of our favorite labs, COLOR INC, sent out an email about “SAVE THE DATE” its BEN + MINDY PETERSON of STUDIO 6.23 at the Color Inc.  School of Photography“.  I thought, no way!  So, now all I had to do is get there.

I knew it was going to be a quick trip.  I mean real quick, as in drive all night back from Grand Rapids, MI.  I needed a driving partner, someone with experience in these kind of extreme situations.  Someone willing to go where no other friend would go.  So I called my long time friend Tommy.  Needless to say he was totally excited about it and offered to use his 4×4 Jeep Cherokee for the trip.  (you know how it can snow in Michigan ;-D)

We had a great trip!  The Color Inc School of Photography was great!  BEN + MINDY were great, they even gave me a prize for traveling the farthest to see them.  I would do it again tomorrow.  That is how excellent these guys are.

At the end of the night BEN + MINDY had a photo booth set up for all the attendees.  Got some rad pics from the night that I wanted to show you.  And here they are……

This is me on the left and Ben in the middle and Mindy on the right!  Another great Grand Rapids photog DUSTY BROWN helped us out by taking the pictures!  It was nice meeting you Dusty!  You Rock!

Just some wild photo booth fun…. not really sure who all these hands belong to?

The amazingness continued with a shot of me (that’s me on the left again) and BEN HARRISON in the middle and LAURA HARRISON on the right.  Soooo much coolness in Grand Rapids.

And had to capture a shot of my prize.  A FREE 16 x 20 canvas print from COLOR INC in Grand Rapids, MI.  Woohoo!