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December 13, 2013

1BRIDE + GROOM-41-018

Dan and Abby’s wedding took place on a BEAUTIFUL fall day!  How AMAZING is ABBY’s dress!  They are such a SWEET couple and we are happy to have a part in their SWEET wedding!

1LADIES getting ready-11-070

collage 2

1LADIES getting ready-21-073

collage 3

1LADIES getting ready-41-079Two BEAUTIFUL women, ABBY and her mom! collage 4

1LADIES getting ready-50-081

collage 51LADIES getting ready-62-085collage 7collage 81WEDDING day details-25-128

1WEDDING day details-4-116collage 9

collage 10collage 11

1LADIES getting ready-84-089

collage 12collage 131LADIES getting ready-92-093

1LADIES getting ready-93-094

1LADIES getting ready-103-096collage 14collage 15collage 16

1GUYS getting ready-23-062

1GUYS getting ready-26-063

1GUYS getting ready-35-064

collage 17

1BRIDE + GROOM-2-002

1BRIDE + GROOM-5-004

collage 24

1BRIDE + GROOM-58-022

1BRIDE + GROOM-6-005

1BRIDE + GROOM-12-009

collage 22

1BRIDE + GROOM-47-019

collage 23

1BRIDE + GROOM-36-016

1BRIDE + GROOM-20-013collage 26

1BRIDE + GROOM-32-014collage 27

1BRIDE + GROOM-85-028

1BRIDE + GROOM-72-025

1BRIDE + GROOM-75-026

1BRIDE + GROOM-91-029collage 281CEREMONY-4-034

1CEREMONY-2-032collage 181CEREMONY-42-037




collage 19

1CEREMONY-67-043collage 20




collage 21



1WEDDING party-1-147

1WEDDING party-32-156

1WEDDING party-2-148

1WEDDING party-5-149

1WEDDING party-6-150

1WEDDING party-7-151

1WEDDING party-10-152

1WEDDING party-11-153

1WEDDING party-17-155

1WEDDING party-34-157+1WEDDING day details-50-134-1WEDDING day details-84-146collage 291SPECIAL dances-3-112collage  30collage 31


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